Don’t Know How to Write Essay? Refer to Our Helpful Checklist!

A great number of students wonder how to write essay that will leave a long lasting impression on their tutors and earn a high grade. They worry that they will miss something, thus compromising its quality. It is high time to put all your concerns aside since we are eager to provide you with a complete checklist that will help you make sure your paper meets all the academic writing standards as well as covering the topic in a proper way. Thus, check it in order to be certain that you move in the right direction while writing an essay.

Overall Structure

  • Do you have a question to be answered in the essay?
  • Is your question directly related to the issue you have to cover? Carefully check the instructions that you have.
  • Does your essay focus on the question? Make sure it does not deviate from the topic.
  • Is your essay logical and coherent?

Any paper provided by may be used to improve your understanding of a particular subject or as an aid to help you with a research project. Make sure you understand our citation requirements. You should refer to your academic institution’s policy on plagiarism to understand their stance on rephrasing.


  • Does an introduction present the issue at hand in a proper way?
  • Does the introduction end with a thesis statement that reveals the aim of the essay (presents the main idea that will be discussed further in the paper)?
  • Have you provided a concise paper map as required by this essay checklist?

Main Body

  • Do you answer the question? Do you fully reveal the main idea?
  • Do you have properly organized paragraphs that stat with topic sentences?
  • Do you present solid and unambiguous evidence to support your claim?
  • Do you properly cite all the paraphrased thoughts?
  • Are there smooth transitions between the paragraphs?


  • Do you provide conclusion after the main body as an essay structure requires?
  • Do you provide a succinct summary of the key points discussed in the essay?
  • Do you avoid presenting new information in conclusion?


  • Do you use reliable academic sources?
  • Are there enough references in the paper?
  • Do you cite the sources properly?
  • Do you list the sources in an alphabetical order?


  • Do you use formal language? Remember that you have to avoid colloquialisms and slang.
  • Does the complexity level of your paper correspond to your academic level (high school, college, or university)?
  • Do you use some terms related to the issue you cover in the paper?
  • Does your essay contain repetitions?
  • Are your sentences too long? Then, shorten them. Are your sentences extremely short? Then, expand them.
  • Does your essay include some unnecessary information? If yes, remove it.

Essay Presentation

  • Are double spacing, 12-point font size, and Times New Roman applied in the essay? Make sure your paper is properly formatted. If you have some difficulties with formatting, ask our team for professional essay help.
  • Does the title page include the following information: the topic of the essay, your name, institutional affiliation, and any other information requested by your tutor?
  • Is the total word count of your paper within the limit set by your professor?
  • Have you proofread the assignment and eliminated all the mistakes?

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