Personal Statement Writing

If your academic results are getting worse, don’t worry. Whatever the situation is, you can always improve it. Life opens new opportunities for any person, who wants to become better. You are not an exception to this magic rule. If you think that a poor academic record at high school can become a barrier to college admission, you are wrong. A well-written personal statement can move mountains and destroy clouds. You will soon see that most admission commissions don’t consider your average high school scores to be important. What they consider is the way you write your personal statement, the extent to which you follow the requested personal statement format, and the way you present yourself in your personal statement paper. Don’t neglect the role of personal statement writing, if you want to become a college student. It is your ticket to heaven. Be thorough and attentive with your personal statement. If you don’t know how to craft a perfect personal essay for the admission committee, you will find our tips to be helpful.

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-Make sure you have read the instructions thoroughly

Before you start writing your personal statement for college, give yourself enough time to study the admission committee’s instructions and follow them word for word. You cannot be sure that you will be admitted to the college of your dream, unless you can stick to the instructions provided to you. Remember that the quality of your personal statement will also be judged by the extent, to which you have managed to fulfill the task. If your question is “what is a personal statement?”, the answer will be “a product of perseverance and ability to understand the original task.”

-Don’t write your personal statement, as if you are preparing a professional resume

Now that you have read through your instructions, you should understand that personal statements are not the same as workplace resumes. You cannot simply reiterate the most essential events in your academic and professional career. The admission committee is not interested in your CV. What you need to present in your personal statements is a fascinating story of your gradual transformation into a successful personality. Keep your college personal statement simple and be frank in your revelations with the admission committee. They will be struck by your honesty, giving you the most desired scholarship.

-Keep focus on the topic and don’t deviate from it

Writing a personal statement is something you can easily accomplish, if you keep to the topic throughout your paper and don’t deviate from it. You may want to discuss more than one event from your life or incorporate more than one personal example to illustrate your point. What you need to do is ensuring that all these examples, experiences, and revelations are directly related to your topic. Once you deviate from it, you will find it hard to get back on the track. A good personal statement has a strong focus. It keeps the reader within the same context. Don’t sacrifice yourself to non-worthy tasks. Spend your time productively. Enjoy the writing process and welcome the result. You can become a college student at the blink of an eye!

-Don’t write too many paragraphs. Don’t make them too large

Finally, don’t forget about your personal statement structure. Writing a good personal statement is all about simplicity. Fascinate your reader. Make your reader stay with you. Your personal statement should be readable. It should look well-structured and attractive for the reader’s eye. Don’t exceed the length of your personal statement. It is an important criterion of quality, and the admission committee will judge you by the length of your work. Ready? Go ahead and write your perfect personal statement today!

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