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Preparing a persuasive essay is a common thing for students. The author of such paper has to convince readers of importance of the discussed matter. In order to write a good essay, detailed research should be done. Learners have to select those books that contain valuable information about the explored issue. It will help persuade readers to take the author’s point of view. We can often find some elements of a persuasive paper in political speeches, advertising, and newspaper articles. Such assignment has a persuasive character and not an informative one.

The following tips for writing a persuasive essay can help students understand how to do it in a right way.

  • First of all, students should choose the topic they are going to discuss. Then, learners have to take the position they will defend.
  • It is necessary to make readers understand that the examined issue is worth their attention.
  • In order to make your paper more argumentative, you have to conduct in-depth research. Besides, it is important to use authoritative sources only, to collect just accurate data. You can go to the library and ask a librarian to help find necessary books. It will be also useful to talk to some experts in the topic you deal with. You can make some notes that you consider to be useful, and then use them in your paper.
  • Try to make the readers take your position proving some arguments and citing examples.

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The structure of a persuasive essay is also one of the important aspects that have to be taken into account. Such paper usually consists of five or six paragraphs. When you write an introduction, it is necessary to grab readers’ attention and make them interested in the subject. The body of your work usually presents some facts to develop its key idea. You should summarize the paper writing a reasonable conclusion.

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